שתי הרצאות שלי באתר של איגוד המאיירים האמריקאים

עקב הפסקת כל פעילות באיגוד המאיירים האמריקאים בניו יורק וסגירת חלל התערוכות שלו, החליטה ההנהלה להעלות הרצאות, תערוכות ופעילויות און ליין עד שהחיים יחזרו למסלולם בעיר הגדולה המוכת בנגיף בצורה קשה מאוד
תמצאו בהמשך שתי הרצאות שלי, אחת על קריקטורות אנטישמיות שנתתי לפני שנים אחדות בפני הפורום העולמי של הליגה נגד השמצה

וראיון ארוך ומעמיק שהתקיים ב-2016 במוזיאון לאמנות בת זמננו בקרקוב עם צאת ספרי ״הדור השני״ בתרגום לפולנית
אתם מוזמנים להאזין ולשתף


NEW! From the Permanent Collection: Pirates, Petticoats and Puffy Sleeves
What imagery is more dynamic than a hero in a flowing linen shirt, crossing swords with a black-clad villain? Stories of men in tights and ladies in torn bodices have long provided artists with excellent opportunities for bravura work. What better way to showcase the illustrator’s craft than by the skillful depiction of the abundant drapery and rich detail of historical costume? New to the online gallery is our first ever virtual peek into the Society's Permanent Collection! See the new exhibit now!
Saul Tepper (1899–1987)
Illustration of a captured knight
Redbook magazine, 1934
Oil paint on canvas
Student Scholarship Competition 2020
Every year since 1981 the Society has held the Student Scholarship Competition. Over three hundred works were chosen from 7,300 entries submitted by professors of college-level illustration and animation students nationwide and Canada. In a competition which can kick start a career, students bring their most sophisticated, well-crafted and original work to be tested. A jury of professional peers, including illustrators and art directors, selects the most outstanding works created throughout the year. Pieces are accepted based on the quality of technique, concept and skill of medium used. Now on view!
$1,000 Nancy Lee Rhodes Roberts Scholarship Award
Angie Hewitt | 'The doorway'
Maryland Institute College of Art | Instructor(s): Allan Comport
Medium: Digital
NEW! The Original Art
View a virtual tour of The Original Art, featuring the best children's book illustrations from the past year!
Viewers will be able to "walk around" our main floor gallery, and can zoom in to take a closer look at the art. Enjoy a view of The Original Art.
The Original Art is an annual exhibit created to showcase illustrations from the year’s best children’s books published in the U.S. For editors and art directors, it’s an inspiration and a treasure trove of talent to draw upon. For art students, it’s a marvelous opportunity to examine—up close—the work of the best in the field. And for the public, it’s a chance to appreciate the enormous range of creativity in children’s books and to see the printed pages alongside the original paintings, drawings, prints, and collages they represent.
Melissa Castrillon, The Balcony
NEW! Coloring Pages from our Permanent Collection
Create your own masterpieces with coloring pages from our Permanent Collection!
Downloads includes historical information about the pieces and artists! DOWNLOAD NOW!
Image by John La Gatta
Two Many Cooks! with The Pearling Principle
Thursday, May 21 | 7PM – 9PM
Grab your favorite snacks and sketch supplies and settle in as the Society’s favorite muses, Arielle & Brendan, put their formidable culinary skills to the test and serve up a romantic dinner for two! The evening’s musical selections will be performed live, and Master Bartender Sebastian will teach you how to make a special cocktail.
Illustrators take over our instagram and provide live demos and studio tours! Viewers must have an instagram account and phone/tablet to watch. an action, so thin

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