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נפתחה התחרות השלישית שמארגן מרכז העיתונות בירושלים
התחרות הראשונה התקיימה לזכר הקריקטוריסטים הנרצחים של שארלי הבדו בינואר 2015
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The JPC Cartoons Competition in the Wake of Charlie Hebdo

The Jerusalem Press Club and the Israeli Cartoon Museum are launching the third cartoon competition among high school students in Israel, “Cartoon-Criticism-Care”.

The theme of this year’s competition is a phenomenon which startled the media scene: Fake News. In social media, as well as in some of the traditional media, some people tend to disseminate stories which have no basis in facts, and to believe such stories. A new, alarming pair of words – “alternative facts” – threaten to undermine good old journalism.

The competition, with world-renowned cartoonists as jury, will result in an exhibition displaying the best 25 cartoons. The exhibition will open on January 7, 2018, the third anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attack, on a special event at the Mishkenot Sha'ananim Dwek Gallery.

For more information visit the competition's website: http://www.ccc2015jpc.com.

For more information please contact Or Avrahami
or@jerusalempressclub.com  Cell: 972-54-530-5171.
The Jerusalem Press Club is positioned to become a world-renowned facility. Already a member of the International Association of Press Clubs and the European Federation of Press Clubs, it is a place where journalists have access to ministers, diplomats, ambassadors and high level officials in Israeli politics and society.  It is a hub of journalistic activity where domestic and foreign press have a chance to mingle in a setting fitting for them.
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