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ידידי הטוב קיאנוש רמזאני הוא קריקטוריסט אירני גולה בצרפת
הנה טקסט שהוא פירסם לפני שבועיים בבלוג שלו
אני גם מצרף קישור לעבודותיו

Recognition of Israel as a country or not, my red-line for friendship!

It’s been more than 8 years that I’m living in France; As an Iranian artist, I enjoyed the most, meeting and making friends with Israelis, a country which I wasn’t even allowed to name it freely in my homeland despite such an ancient beautiful friendship between Israelis and Persians, and cultural and traditional similarities in details with current Iranians and Israelis.
I indeed enjoyed meeting and making friends with Palestinian artists which I’ve met in Paris. but the most shocking surprise for me was witnessing the antisemitism in 21th century in a country which became my refuge and shelter from Islamic dictatorship! and my saddest and most disappointing moment was when I realized many French cartoonists participated in the 2nd edition of the infamous “Holocaust Cartoon Contest” organized by the infamous people being proud of their antisemitism, just one month after the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo and assissination of my French colleagues in the heart of Paris!
I’ve noticed that it has become an stupid fashion to deny Israel to seem “cool” and “popular” among some Arabic communities here, but I don’t see any “coolness” in this subject and this intense hate annoys me the most.
It’s neccesary to condemn and denounce the crimes that Israeli government has done and is doing against Palestinians but it shouldn’t be a pretext to deny a nation and a country!Those who don’t see this difference, they simply can’t be my friends! I wish to see finally the moment that finally Both Israel and Palestine are in peace and no-one can manipulate people on this subject.
Those who deny the holocaust, they must visit “Le Mémorial de Caen” in Normandy and “Auschwitz” in Poland.

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